The SR2c center is open to all schools, scientists, and other interested parties who seek innovative statistical collaboration or practical support. The center seeks to address interesting, challenging statistical problems. We do not consult on homework or class projects, nor provide free consulting unrelated to collaboration.

Time and Location

Consulting hours are on a fixed weekly schedule during each academic semester on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:30 to 2:30pm. Federal/university holidays and academic breaks are excluded. Consulting is held at the SR2c Center. A map is availible to help you locate us: LINK


All clients, ie: faculty, staff, or students, must have one of three funding sources availible to seek SR2c services:

  • An Account #
  • Speedtype
  • Membership Package
Where a "Membership Package" entails purchase of either 60 hours per year (5 hours per month) or 120 hours per year (10 hours per month) of consultation effort.

Request for Collaboration or Consultation

For research/grant collaboration, email with `RESEARCH collaboration' or `GRANT collaboration' in the subject title.

For statistical support or consultation, email with 'STAT CONSULT' in the subject title. There will typically be a fee for this service after the first 15 minutes of initial discussion.

If your study has first gotten pre-approval by a CTSC's BERD director to qualify for BERD support, is proposed more than 4 weeks before the grant deadline, AND the support desired is only for grant application development, please indicate so in your email. Without BERD support, a fee will be charged for grant development wihout collaboration.

Support and Services

We offer the following multidimensional expertise: