Collaboration & Consultation

We welcome all inquires for research collaboration, support and consulting, from medical or non-medical areas across all disciplines that rely on data, such as biology, cancer, energy, environment, epidemiology, imaging, law, medicine, statistics, and astronomy.

Although we consider research collaboration inquires at any stage of the research process, we advocate:

  1. Effective research by involving statistical expertise early at the initial concepts or design, not just after the fact at critical analysis
  2. Sound practice from the straightforward comparative statistical test to the complex multifactorial or hierarchical modeling
  3. Reproducible outcomes from small data analysis to complex, or big data analytics and huge data mining.

We absolutely do not consult for class homework or project, nor do we provide free consulting that is unrelated to collaboration. A collaboration request is considered on a case-by-case basis.

However some limited and selected support may be provided to Case faculty covered by the Case CTSA BERD program. Free walk-in sessions with students may possibly be provided in the future.

For statistical support or consulting services, we typically charge a fee on a sliding scale (depending on required supervision level and client employment/student status). For research collaborations, the Director will determine acceptance on a case-by-case basis.

All clients, i.e., faculty, staff, industry, or students, must have one of three funding sources available to seek SR2c support or consulting services:

  1. Your Account #      
  2. Speedtype     
  3. Membership Package

Consulting hours are on a fixed weekly schedule during each academic semester on Wednesdays 3-4pm, and Thursdays 3-4pm (by appointment). Federal/university holidays and academic breaks are excluded. Consulting is held at the SR2c Center. A map is available to help you locate us: LINK

Research/Grant Collaboration: Email sr2c AT case DOT edu with "RESEARCH collaboration" or "GRANT collaboration" as the subject line.

Statistical Support or Consultation: Send inquiries to sr2c AT case DOT edu or stat-consult AT case DOT edu with "STAT CONSULT" as the subject line.

BERD: If your study has pre-approval from CTSC's BERD director to qualify for BERD support, is proposed more than 4 weeks before the grant deadline, AND the support desired is only for grant application development, please indicate so in your email. Without BERD support, a fee will be charged for grant development without collaboration.

For more flexibility, please see our membership packages for your consulting and collaboration needs.

Step 1: Confirm Funding Information

Prior to your appointment, ensure your funding source is available and adequate. Remember to bring your account number/speedtype information with you.

Step 2: Prepare a Description

Have an "elevator speech" ready that accurately describes the gist of your problem.

Step 3: Bring in Supporting Materials

Bring relevant material that will support the description of your problem such as graphs or data.

Are You Ready to Make Your Appointment?

We look forward to meeting you!

Email sr2c AT case DOT edu
with the subject line "Consulting" or "Collaboration"
Call 216-368-0442
leave a message detailing the consulting or collaboration help you are requesting and include your name and either a phone number or an email


The SR2c Center follows the same policy as the CCI, the University and the Profession: "Authorship is based on the intellectual contribution to a manuscript, not on direct payment (if any) for the work performed." Please note that support will not be provided unless both funding and authorship (when warranted) is guaranteed by the investigator prior to the commencement of all work.