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Biostatistics/Statistics Seminars

  • 12-1pm on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Thursday at WG 73 (unless otherwise noted)
  • Bring your own lunch. Water and occasional, light refreshments (compliments of some faculty) will be served
  • Organizer: Professor Jiayang Sun; Webmaster: Dr. Ethan Xu
  • Questions, please email
  • (Recommended other, related seminars are noted in green)

Fall 2013 Schedule

Date Speaker Affiliation Title/Abstract Notes
08/29 Multiple Faculty CWRU/UH Introduction and Showcase of Research and Opportunities Elston, Fu,Tatsuoka, Barnholtz-Sloan, Albert, Morris, and Jones
09/05 Mikhail Belkin Ohio State University Manifold and Semi-supervised Learning Optional NonBiostat seminar
11:30am, White 411
09/12 John Capra Vanderbilt University Comparative and Functional Genomics of Human-specific Gene Regulation Faculty candidate talk
09/19 Curtis Tatsuoka University Hospital and CWRU Dynamic adjustment of stimuli in real-time functional magnetic resonance imaging
09/26 Virture Speaker Thanks to the 59th World Statistics Congress Data Analytics and Big Data: Opportunities and Implications Discussion Session
10/03 Sanjoy Sinha Carleton University A robust method for identifying differential miRNAs in breast cancer Special seminar starting at 11:15am
10/17 Yifan Ethan Xu SR2c, EpiBio, CWRU rNMF: Modern Dimension Reduction and Robust Image Compression and Applications
10/31 Multiple Faculty CWRU/CCF Second Faculty Showcase and "The Ohio Army National Guard Mental Health Initiative" Sattar, Schluchter, Hu, O'Brien, Wang, Debanne, Sun and Calabrese
11/14 Daniell Toth Bureau of Labor Statistics Approaches to Disclosure Limitation
11/21 Jenny Brynjarsdottir MAMS, CWRU Learning about Physical Parameters: The Importance of Model
Hosting: Ilimitada Hosting Chile VPS